Terms of Use

1. Arrival / Departure

Saturday from 14:00 to 18:00. Arrival and departure times are also valid for individually agreed days of the week. Departure must be made by 11:00 on the day of departure. Overdrafting the check-out time of more than 30 minutes will result in the calculation of an additional night. Other arrival and departure times can be arranged individually with the landlord. If the tenant does not appear on the day of arrival until 8 pm, the contract is deemed to have been terminated without notice to the lessor after a period of 24 hours. The landlord can then dispose of the object freely and calculates a cancellation fee of 100%. A (proportionate) repayment of the rent due to premature departure is generally not. For overnight stays of non-resident persons (visitors), the landlord must state the number of visitors and the length of stay prior to arrival. The rental costs may increase.

2. Payment

The lease is valid upon receipt of the deposit on the account of the landlord. The payment of 100% of the rental amount is due within seven days of receipt of the booking documents. If the payment deadlines are not met, the landlord can withdraw from the contract. The non-payment is considered a resignation and entitles to a new lease. With the reservation a deposit of 300 € has to be paid. This will be returned within seven days of departure to the account known to the landlord by transferring the rent back, if no damage has occurred. All damages are borne by the landlord. The total amount stated in the rental contract includes the additional costs (water, energy, final cleaning, waste, GEZ = 7% VAT) as well as the service fee (parking, use of games and sports equipment = 19% VAT).

3. Withdrawal

You can withdraw from the contract at any time. The resignation must be in writing (letter or email). In the case of withdrawal you are obliged to compensate for the damage we have suffered: up to 4 months before departure: 20%, from 4 months to 30 days before departure: 25%, from 29 to 22 days: 35%, from 21 to 15 days: 50%, from 14 days to 8 days: 75%, from 7 days to 1 day: 80%, 100% of the total travel price on the day of travel or if the tour does not start. It counts the date of receipt of your withdrawal message. Already deposited amounts will be charged. A replacement person who enters into your contract on the terms specified can be asked by you. A written notification is sufficient.

4. Obligations of the tenant

The tenant agrees to treat the rented property (cottage / apartment, inventory and outdoor facilities) with care. If during the tenancy damage to the holiday home / - and / or its inventory occur, the tenant is obliged to report this immediately to the property management. Defects and damages already identified on arrival must be reported immediately (until 8 pm on the day of arrival) to the property management, otherwise the renter is liable for these damages. For the elimination of damages and defects, a reasonable period must be granted. Claims arising from complaints that are not reported immediately on the spot are excluded. Complaints that are received at the end of the stay or after leaving the house at the landlord, are also excluded from damages. In the event of any disruption to performance, the renter is obliged to do everything reasonable within the scope of his legal obligation in order to contribute to correcting the disruption and to minimize any damage that may have occurred. On the day of departure from the tenant personal belongings to be removed, the household waste must be disposed of in the designated container, dishes are to be stored clean and washed in the kitchen cabinets. The dishwasher is free of crockery to pass. The property is left free from waste. A subletting of the property by the tenant or accommodation (s) of non-resident persons in the holiday home / apartment and / or on the property without the knowledge of the landlord is not permitted (see also point 1). Violations lead to immediate termination of the lease by the landlord and the object is to leave immediately. If the tenant has forgotten personal property and does not report, the left objects are destroyed after a retention period of 6 months after departure.

5. Pets

The pet owner agrees that his (e) animal (s) do not lie on the beds or sleep. Likewise, lying on the couch is to be stopped. If the animal is lying on the couch, use a suitable (waterproof) pad. If the animal lays in the bed linen ordered from the landlord, the costs for the new purchase of bed linen (50 € per set) will be charged.

6. Data protection

The hirer agrees that within the scope of the contract concluded with him necessary data about his person are stored, changed and / or deleted. All personal information will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties. The renter has the right to object to the storage of his data at any time. The deletion will take place within a reasonable period if there are no legal requirements (eg from a tax law perspective).

7. Liability

The tender has been prepared to the best of our knowledge. For influencing the rental property by force majeure, by customary power and water outages and storms is not liable. Likewise, it is not liable for unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, such as official order, sudden construction site or for disturbances caused by natural and local conditions. However, the landlord is happy to assist in solving the problems (as far as possible). A liability of the landlord for the use of the provided game and sports equipment is excluded. The arrival and departure of the lessee is under his own responsibility and liability. The landlord is not liable for personal belongings in case of theft or fire. The tenant waives insofar to any claims for damages. The lessee is fully liable for wanton destruction or damage.

8. Final provisions

Photos and text on the website or in the flyer are used for the realistic description. The 100% agreement with the rental property can not be guaranteed. The landlord reserves the right to change the equipment (eg furniture) if they are equivalent. Should one or more provisions of these terms and conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by an effective one, which comes closest to the economic and legal will of the contracting parties. German law applies. Jurisdiction and place of performance is the business location of the landlord.